Bringing Local Farmers To Your Table

YYC Growers’ purpose is to connect farmers with eaters by gathering and distributing nutrient-dense food through a system that regenerates our environment and community and supports the local economy


Since starting the Harvest Box Program, I have discovered an even deeper love for cooking and have been able to keep myself challeged and excited during this troubling time with ingredients I've never used before. Its been an incredible experience so far and I look forward to my produce each week. Plus it's an added bonus that I am supporting local, I love it!

Paige W.

Thank you, Rod for all that you and the team are doing to keep us fed and healthy, and to continue to support the vibrant community of growers.

Vanessa Fraser

Thanks so much! Veggie pickups are a highlight of our Toddler's week. He loves looking at each veggie and asking questions each week! It's been great to integrate them into his diet with his added interest.

Kristel Ohlhauser

Awesome fresh food. The taste certainly tells you the quality is top notch. We have been so very impressed and excited to support our local economy.

Elska B.