Start 2022 Fresh - Sign up for a Trial Harvest Box

 “2022; bring it on. I am done putting garbage into my body and expecting to feel great about myself. I am done with feeling like there’s nothing I can do to change the world. I am done wondering how I can be “rooted” in YYC. I am choosing to be healthy and connect; I’m planting my roots here and building a new life from the dirt up.”
- You after trying our box this January. 

Why Harvest Box?


Simply, our produce is healthier than conventionally-grown. We know that because our farmers go to great lengths to make sure the soil is healthier every year. And that is what makes great-tasting veggies. 


Build the local economy. Our cooperative provides reliable sales channels for local farmers, at prices that are fair to you and to the farmer.


You are making loud statements to policy makers when you purchase our products. Know that we are holding conversations for change at local, provincial and federal levels, so that regenerative agriculture will be seen as valuable land use both rural and within the city.


Sign up for a subscription and choose one of our convenient plans of 4, 12 or 24 boxes including discounts of up to 6%. Your payment plan auto-renews for the same amount when your account drops to the cost of one box. 


You can put a subscription on hold for as long a period as you like. There is no doubling up upon return. You just keep using your balance up. 


Try a box. One box for $35, anytime during the month of January! 

Drop us a personal message in the message box and we will get back to you in the early new year!