Grow with YYC Growers - Our Crowdfunding Campaign

About Us

We are a purpose-driven social enterprise that is dedicated to creating a more nourishing food system. 
Our purpose is to connect farmers and eaters by gathering and distributing nutrient-dense food through a system that regenerates our environment and community and supports the local economy.
These are lofty goals and we are achieving them today! We have successfully prototyped a system that works, and now we need to do more. 
But we can’t do it alone! You are part of the food system, and we invite you to join and be part of a solution.
But there’s a problem
We have been operating within significantly under-capacity and unreliable infrastructure.
Our coolers were insufficient for the task at hand, our delivery truck was becoming unsafe for our driver and we had complicated technology that limited our reach and made account management difficult for operations and customers.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

We have upgraded our delivery vehicle.
We have expanded our cooler system.
We have invested in new technology to make access more convenient to our customers. 

You can join us

By contributing to this campaign, YOU are directly improving our environment, your health, our economy and fueling a revolution in the food system.
Every bit helps. Nothing is too small.