Forage & Farm

About Us

Forage & Farm specializes in growing a variety of gourmet hardneck garlic, Black Garlic (winner of the Made in Alberta Awards), crafts Pestos and hosts Homesteading classes. It is a regenerative farm based on permaculture principals. Our Farm is located just East of the Rocky Mountains in the beautiful foothills of Alberta, Canada.

We practice permaculture principals and try to be the change we want to see in the world. We strive to be ethical stewards of the land on which we grow sustainable food and nourish our loved ones. Farming allows us to get our hands in the soil, connect with the earth and cultivate resilience. Our goal is to live a lifestyle that provides a happy and experientially rich environment for our children and leave them with a legacy of being skillful, soulful, responsible humans living in harmony on the planet.

Our Farm has been featured by the Food Artisans of Alberta guide book, DOTE Magazine, Swerve Magazine and the Western Wheel.


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