Flora Fromage

Flora Fromage Plant Based Cheese Get food delivered to you at home. Organic food boxes delivered to your home in Calgary, Alberta. Vegetables, meat, fruits, cheese.

This delectable business is Chef owned and operated in Calgary, AB.

Chef Janice Buckingham  shares her story and path;

"My roots in the culinary arts have always carved the path forward. Taste is at the forefront of every product just because it has to be. 

Flora Fromage was founded in 2018 in my home kitchen where I began experimenting with nuts as a dairy alternative. I was blown away by the flavour and texture you can achieve with the humble cashew mixed with a bit of science- and decided it was a product worth devoting my time to bring to the masses.

During the same year- as I was founding this small business enterprise- I wrote a cookbook dedicated entirely to dairy free cheeses! You can find "The Super Easy Vegan Cheese Cookbook" online and in book stores to experiment with cheesemaking in your own home. 

Just promise to keep enjoying Flora Fromage while you're at it :) ." 

- Chef Janice Buckingham