Pear Roundup

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Pear Roundup

Our Winter Fruit Share has been so enjoyable this year! Typically it consists of various apple & pear varieties (grown in B.C.), although there is the occasional treat of dried cherries, frozen saskatoon berries or apple chips. Local fruit in winter can be hard to navigate in Alberta owing to the deep freezing temperatures. Pears and apples do very well with cold storage, when done properly, and so this is why trying to eat fruit seasonally here lends itself to these two fruits. Of course, you can get ahead of the game and preserve or freeze a whole variety of fruit when they are in season, to enjoy mid-winter (that’s an entire post in itself)!

YYC Growers and Distributors Recipe, Pear Roundup

When local fruit is in short supply, don’t let any go to waste

Today we are sharing some of the drool-worthy baking that our customers have been doing this winter using pears from Souto Farms. Personally, I turn to baking as an option with my precious fruit share only when things are starting to get overripe. Otherwise, fresh fruit gets sliced and snacked on without too much embellishment at our house. Baking is a great way to use up any apples or pears you might have lingering from previous weeks! Don’t let it go to waste. Instead give one of these delicious recipes a try.

YYC Growers and Distributors Pear Pie

  1. Pear & Apple Cinnamon Pie (Photo Credit: Happiness By The Acre) - Original Recipe
  2. Pear Cardamom Dutch Baby (Photo Credit: Nourished Freedom) - Original Recipe 
  3. Pear & Frangipane Galette (Photo Credit: Fulfoood) - 
  4. Pear & Walnut Upside Down Cake (Photo Credit: Fulfoood) - Original Recipe or Try This One